LPR-106 The Sands "Hotel & Casino" LP

The Sands draw from varied influences to create their own blend of hard rock power pop. Three of the members first came together on Halloween to form a Wipers tribute band, and have built on that cornerstone of punk and psychedelia to try and push the genres into a different direction. Songwriters Jason Groth and Jeff Grant fuse their disparate but parallel lineage here, Jason having spent years in Magnolia Electric Company and fronting his own manic group The Coke Dares, while Jeff cut his teeth fronting pop-punkers Pink Razors. With near-constant harmonies and big hooks, The Sands emerge fully-formed with "Hotel and Casino" while still leaving space to grow.

LPR-105 Tweak Bird "Any OL Way"

Tweak Bird is a two-piece stoner rock/psychedelic band based in Los Angeles, made up of brothers Ashton and Caleb Bird. Their music is gleeful, bruising, and delightfully weird. Any Ol Way is their fourth record and their sound continues to evolve. This record is simplicity in incarnate. Blissed out vocals over freaky rock jams. (100 clear vinyl and 500 black vinly records pressed)

LPR-100 Rad Payoff "The Good, The Rad, and The Ugly" LP

“The Good, The Rad and the Ugly,” is the band at their loudest, their most technical and -easily- their most belligerent. Roughly averaging two minutes per song, RAD PAYOFF’s new LP is deep, mean-spirited hardcore. The band effortlessly mixes hostile post-hardcore, psychedelic noise and chugging Midwestern pop punk into songs destined to rattle away in your mind well after you've put the bong down. Members of Sass Dragons, Treasure Fleet, Elephant Gun, Wooden Planes. (100 black vinyl records)

LPR-099 Vacation "Candy Waves" LP

Candy Waves, the second album from Vacation is a massive sounding, psychey surfy opus that tips its hat to punk’s past while driving itself at almost uncomfortable speeds towards its future. (500 pressed on clear vinyl)

LPR-092 Nervosas S/T X2 LP

Dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk, punk from Columbus, OH. Like if Wipers, X, and Dead Moon were somehow one band. But forget comparisons, Nervosas is their own animal. 18 bangers...like 18 ender enders. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!! Go skate to this shit!!! (2nd pressing. 500 clear vinyl, double LPs w/ a black screen print on the D-side.)

LPR-091 Cooked Books "The Reader"

The debut album from a Bloomington, IN band born through a Craigslist ad titled "garage/psych/loud," which intermingles the driving energy of classic '70s punk with the sonic exploration of '60s bad acid psych. Maintaining a pop familiarity through even the darkest and heaviest songs, The Reader is the perfect soundtrack to that point in the day when you've decided to pour yourself another cup of coffee after you've already started a beer. (300 pressed on white vinyl!)

LPR-079 Tight Bros "s/t" (split release w/ Shout Out Loud and Rad Girlfriend)

For fans of classic 90's pop punk meets the present, or the future. With songs about girls, cops, old friends, beers, outer space, drugs and uh all your pop punk subject matter, Blazing tempos and buzzsaw guitars. From Columbus, Ohio w/ members of Vacation, New Creases, Pretty Pretty. (500 pressed on black vinyl)

Temporarily out of stock!

LPR-075 Purple 7

The Purple 7 is a band that features Will from DEFIANCE, OH/LANDLORD, Chris Mott from LANDLORD, and Patrick Jennings from the HOT NEW MEXICANS. Conceived in Chris’s attic and Will’s basement at MAGNETIC SOUTH on several experimental 4 track sessions while on leave from Landlord, the band has taken on new dimensions since Patrick arrived in town and set up shop in a suburban style studio on the south side of Bloomington. They were destined, it seems, to be in a band together. (300 one-sided, Purple, black swirl records pressed w/ eching on the b-side)

LPR-059 LANDLORD "No Matter Where You Live"
(Split Release with Halfday)

Committing Landlord's first release to vinyl will hopefully further reveal the truth about them, which is that they have yet to write a bad song. Their releases have varied in recording quality, but their exploitation of traditional pop-song structures has always worked to their advantage. If you love any song by this band, you're gonna love them all, and when they hit a home run, as they do often, it's as sweet as any pop song you've heard. This record sounds the rawest, but the melodies sail clear over it all, making for the perfect mix of punk rock blaring out of the basement and a B-side from The Kinks or something. If anything, this record makes the point that if a song is written well, it doesn't need to sound perfect. If it's played a little rough around the edges, that's fine, there's another one on the way.( 300 black records pressed. w/ handmade painted, stenciled, and screen printed covers. these records are beautiful.)

LPR-054 Vacation "S/T"
(Split Release with Mandible)

An indie/ pop punk record that ebbs and flows like a mushroom trip. The most legendary mushroom trip. (500 records pressed on black wax!)

LPR-044 Dead Dog "Don't Touch Me"

Blown out grunge pop punk from Athens, GA. Recorded by the infamous Mick Pack. (100 clear vinyl, 400 black!)

LPR-042 Shanghai River "Binary code will Enslave all of Humankind"
(Split Label with ADD)

Punk rocker Ben Snakepit: zinester, manager of the second largest video store in America, and now, for the very first time, lead singer/guitarist of his own band: Shanghai River. Roll out this tanning bed of knowledge, take off your clothes, and bask in Ben's good, old-fashioned stick-pin tattoo-style advice to live by: "If you don't make your own gasoline, that's not punk"; "Stop drinking when blood comes out of your butt"; and "No body wants to fuck you when you get too fat." The Socrates of the now-punks? Only time-and the beard growth-will tell.
Previous/current bands: The Sword, Bloodbath And Beyond, J Church, Chicken Catchatory, Ghost Knife, Party Garbage For fans of: Swiz, J.Church, Leatherface, TV Carnage, tattered, heart-felt vocals
COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CARD 512 pressed (3 green, 11 mustard, 96 clear yellow, 103 clear blue, 299 black)

LPR - 036 2009 "The Future is Soon"
(Split Label with No Breaks)

Formed from the ashes of Rock Paper Stupid, Daniel and Jordan continued writing songs together and when it came time recorded about 20 songs each switching vocal and instrument duties. "The Future Is Soon!" features 18 of those tracks recorded at 141 Moreland ( Atlanta, Georgia ) and mixed and mastered at Revolution Sound ( Chattanooga, Tennessee ). Each album cover is hand painted and screened on a recycled album cover! This is a must have for any fan of the Chattanooga punk scene, Rock Paper Stupid, ADD/C, Trash Train, Friday Knight, Queerwulf, or Giant Bags Of Weed.

10'' Records


LPR-41 The Reaction "we have nothing to lose but boredom"

10 songs, 10 inches. Songs range from driving GARAGE PUNK to clatterous mayhem to free group improvisation to gentle ballads about hurricanes. Although diverse, WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT BOREDOM never loses it's flow. Featuring members of 50 MILLION and THE KIRBY GRIPS! ( 500 pressed, 400 black and 100 clear)

7'' Records


LPR-104 Tweak Bird "Greens/ Weird Oasis"

Two brand new songs by the bird brothers that will be featured on their upcoming full length LP. This style of song writing for Tweak Bird opens up a new chapter for the band. Going somewhere new while keeping all the comforts of shit you love. (300 black vinyl records pressed with black sleeves and glue pocket covers!)

LPR-103 TWO HOUSES "Disappointer" (split release w/ Rad Girlfriend)

Three boys, madly in love with parties and rock n’ roll, met within one week of moving to Chicago. "Disappointer" exhibits the band’s thoughtful lyricism and eclectic, yet die-hard rock n’ roll influence. "Disappointer" is the Replacements boiled down into a Vegas bomb. Think three insatiable dudes headlining an ill-attended bar, on a full-band vision quest to channel Exile-era Stones.


Autonomy: Groovy anarcho goth punk collective. Serenghetto: Art punk noise slop. (300 on black wax)

LPR-095 Serenghetto s/t

Art punk at its best. 5 songs of blown out, reverb pop from Minneapolis, MN. (300 pressed on black vinyl w/ screen printed covers and zine inserts)

LPR-093 Cool Mutants/ Dead Beach split

Split 7" between Evansville, IN's COOL MUTANTS, who play blown-out punk and Bloomington, IN's DEAD BEACH, who play psych-rock. Two songs per band.(300 pressed on black)

LPR-090 Full Sun "Stay Awake" E.P.

3 songs of high energy, lo-fi pop perfection from Bloomigton, IN's one man band Jeff Grant (of The Sands, Fat Shadow, Pink Razors). (200 pressed on Clear vinyl!)

LPR-082 Autonomy "Altar of Apathy"

This is the 3rd release, but first 7", by Autonomy. Following the tradition of the band, this recording has a different lineup from the previous one. Autonomy continues to play their post-punk/anarcho-punk inspired songs, this time with a more melody and the addition of a female vocalist. It's a good representation of not only what they've been sounding like, but where they're heading as well. Two short, dark, melodic songs about the lies were told and the lies we tell ourselves. (200 records pressed on smokey vinyl)

LPR-071 Rad Payoff "Amazing Blaze"

Four songs from Chicago's four piece punk rock jam band. Blaring feedback, catchy lyrics, and explosive bong rips!. W/ members of Sass Dragons, Bust, Lip Reader, and Treasure Fleet. (300 records pressed on black vinyl. Art by Evan Wolf.)

LPR-066 PARLOR "Life Stays Great"
(Split release w/ HOUSE PLANT)

It's been tough to describe this band, which speaks highly for any group. This three-piece unit from Carbondale, IL play super-tight punk rock, but to say that already puts them in a corner from which they quickly move beyond. They are defined by slinky yet powerful riffs, precise drumming, the ability to play any time signature without sounding overly-technical or "mathy." Terrific hooks are born from all three members often singing together and harmonizing well, but it's hardly pop music. Sometimes I think "Man or Astroman" but it defies the surf genre too. Witness for yourself! (330 pressed on black wax!)

LPR-063 Wild Assumptions "Wandering Sailor"

Combining moody, dreamy guitar pop with a driving rhythm section and powerful lady vocals, Wild Assumptions effortlessly plies the usually-separate territories of both first-wave Slumberland Records acts like Tiger Trap and kinetic, loud punk/pop masters such as The Muffs and Superchunk. (300 pressed on a mixed sea of green wax!)

LPR-062 SHANG-A-LANG "Waiting for the End"

I suppose somewhat appropriately Shang-A-Lang's last record of new material, titled"Waiting for the End" will be released on the first week of what many consider the last year of human existance. Shang-A-Lang has been an incredibly prolific band over the past few years, having done countless splits (really, I can't count them), several 7 inches, an LP/CD, and a Collections LP. The release is between 7 labels that have helped the band out in various ways over the past several years: Dirt Cult, Fast Crowd, Silver Sprocket, Dead Broke, Let's Pretend, No Breaks, and Drunken Sailor (UK). Each label will have 118 copies. These five songs are probably the best SAL material to date, which makes the break-up even more bittersweet.


Two guys. Nine songs. Seven inches. Countless personal problems. (200 pressed on black wax!)

LPR-046 Vacation "Dream Dad"
(Split Release with Sidejar Records)

You can throw three dudes in front of a camera and make them smile for a band picture, but true chemistry is completely impossible to fake, and it's something that positively bleeds from each track on Vacation's new 7" Dream Dad. Two songs from their debut Do Shit Tape are reprised here, but are played with the familiarity and vigor of old standards, elevating them to downright anthem status. Meanwhile, the new songs here act as round two in Vacation's seemingly endless game of "how many unruly, earworm-worthy hooks can we jam into one song?". It's punk that flirts with the borders of noise rock and lo-fi grit, Danzig-era Misfits on a steady diet of helium and pixie sticks, but most importantly, it's the vital kind of music that doesn't just constantly press the pleasure button; it's dropped a 50-pound weight on it.(580 pressed, 100 on clear Orange wax and 480 on black)

LPR-039 Trainwreck Riders/Pine Hill Haints split 7''

West Coast Buzzards meet Tennessee Ghost Country Ramblers somewhere between the 1990’s and 1890’s. These two groups of friends trade songs that are in some ways very different sounding and in other ways perfectly complimentary. The Trainwreck Riders out of San Francisco offer two songs layered with heavy guitar and heartbreaking lyrics. Mixed with an addictive pace, you can’t help bob your head to it the next time they roll into town. Pine Hill Haints deliver a much more trimmed down approach. Choosing to highlight one string bass and accordion with fiddle, banjo, guitar and snare drum too, the Haints push the songs dark southern themes through their blend of old traditional string music and creepy punk rock roots. Both sides hold a perfect balance between having a good recording and still staying true to their rollicking live shows.(110 on clear wax and 440 on black wax)

LPR - 032 Nighty Night "Belle"

Five small-town ramblers from deep in the woods of Carbondale unleash a set of toe-taps that exist somewhere between the AM and FM of whiskey hits. Nighty Night has stumbled upon the fist-pumps within swaying folk lullabies, leaving you with 3 dreamy, reverb-covered fairy tales. (500 Pressed/400 on Black/100 on White. 32 Test Press Editions w/ Different Cover)

LPR - 028 It Burns
(Split Label with Beercan Records)

This record will have you pissing in your pants and send you crying home to mommy. Fast, heavy, kinda hard-core, kinda rock n roll, and some ripping guitar solos that will make you remember why satan is so fucking cool. Songs about shitty landlords, bike rides, pizza parties, getting the fuck out of there town (carbondale, IL) and only doing things that are fun. very solid punk rock record! (400 records were pressed on black wax!)

LPR - 026 Sass Dragons/The Brokedowns Split
(Split Label with Cassette Deck)

Three fucking marvelous songs by both bands. One cover song by both bands. brokedowns cover ''full on idle'' by the breeders and sass dragons cover ''andre young'' by jimmyassmunch's former band, "the puppies"! they were punk fucking legends and do not forget it! Millions of brain cells were killed in the making of this record. this record will have its spot in punk rock history. Chicago is very lucky to have these two bands. (600 records pressed on black wax!)(2nd pressing. 400 pressed on candy apple red wax, new altered full-color covers, and new insert designed by Dan Powers)

LPR - 018 Shang-a-Lang "Summertime" 7''
Split label with Dirt Cult Records

4-songs of gritty DIY pop punk from Las Cruces! Songs about seasonal depression, saying whatever you feel like saying, giving up on relationships, and questioning why the fuck you even try sometimes. But it's got a catchy beat and you can dance to it! 1st pressing 300 on black wax! 2nd 200 or so on white wax! 3rd and final pressing 300 on black!

LPR - 017 Conniption Fitts "Shart Sandwich"

Scuzz-filled garage rock left soaking in the trashy puddles behind the discount liquor store somewhere deep in the belly of Southern Illinois. 4-songs for the teenagers with bad mustaches drinking ethyl alcohol in the alleyway. (300 records pressed on recycled wax!)



LPR-116 CHUD "Nice Guy" Cassette Single

Chud is a three piece throwback punk rock band from Bloomington, IN. Loud, fast, snotty, and straight to the point. The A. side "nice guy" is off there upcoming 7" ep and B. side "women" is exclusive to this tape! (limited to 100)

LPR-115 MEMORY MAP "Discography" x2 Tape

This limited edition double cassette is the only way to obtain every piece of recorded Memory Map material to date. Cassette 1 features their new album, "The Sky as Well as Space". Cassette 2 features their debut album, "Holiday Band" on Side A, and features the previously unreleased (except in Japan) "Yamato Damashi EP", as well as two unreleased bonus tracks: "Holiday Band: The Song" and "Miss Blatant".(limited to 100)


The Black Blacks play hardcore pop punk, oxymorons be damned. Chainsaw guitars and pounding drums sonically dominate songs about shooting, stabbing, burying bodies, government conspiracies, and, well, just generally wishing the worst on people. The sixteen-year-old kid inside you will scream FUCK YEAH! as AR-15 annihilates your boombox.(100 tapes pressed on green shells)


Early Disclaimers is Leda Balch and Andrew Virga and anyone else who wants to join us. These 4 songs are meant to be a starting point for the Sonic Explorations to follow.(100 blue tapes pressed)

LPR-112 LITTLE GOLD "Spectral Sight"

Little Gold is a band that lives in Athens, GA. They are four fine gentlemen with a collective affinity for psychedelic pop and also punk rock. They are an insular group, but they do have some known associates, namely Odd Swan, Drum Crow and of course, Tony. Their new album, Spectral Sight is a 30 minute gem of a record filled with scrappy, catchy underdog anthems about specific witches and minor league ballplayers. Just the right amount of smart punk and stoned weirdness.(100 tapes pressed on clear shells w/ purple ink)

LPR-111 PARTS OF PIECES OF PEOPLE "Dream Saddle Love Mask"

Parts of Pieces of People offers up this little stack of dark pop gems. Written and performed by Chicago's Geoffrey Carr (Meah!), "dream saddle love mask", is love and guts with a drum kit.(100 tapes pressed on green shells)

Out of Stock!

LPR-110 BLACK PLANET "Female Hysteria"

Front woman, Billie Lee, formed Black Planet in fall 2013 as a positive + creative outlet for destructive behavior. The FEMALE HYSTERIA EP is a glimpse into world filled with anxiety and paranoia. The five tracks follow a dark path of fuzzed out noise and guttural lyrics of a woman struggling. (100 tapes pressed)

LPR-108 Vera Maleta "Beyond the Town"

Vera Maleta Beyond the Town is an album of 20th century witchcraft chants sung by Daun Fields (The Door-Keys, Thee Open Sex, Fat Shadow), here joined by Bloomington, IN’s Sitar Outreach Ministry (Magnetic South/Burger Records). This is unlike anything you’ve heard in the basement. Daun’s ethereal yet sometimes hellish vocals and chant are layered over psychedelic sitar, creating a soundtrack to the weird and wild world of southern Indiana witchcraft. Guest starring Patrick Jennings (Hot New Mexicans, Purple 7) on cello. This cassette was created to be used as a magical tool for manifestation and includes a mini guide card. Working widdershins? Side B plays backwards to reverse your spells.(100 tapes pressed)

LPR-107 Mardou "You're Not Going To Live Forever"

Collection of debut recordings from some weird Cincinnati kids who love Joy Division and Nirvana. They hardly know how to write a song but they know how to turn on a big muff pedal. (100 white tapes pressed)

LPR-105 Tweak Bird "Any OL Way"

Tweak Bird is a two-piece stoner rock/psychedelic band based in Los Angeles, made up of brothers Ashton and Caleb Bird. Their music is gleeful, bruising, and delightfully weird. Any Ol Way is their fourth record and their sound continues to evolve. This record is simplicity in incarnate. Blissed out vocals over freaky rock jams. (250 Green tapes pressed)

LPR-102 Pleasure Blade "Gangstalkes"

Bloomington Indiana's three pieces shit storm. Playing epic grunge noise projecting Blood, laziness, and chaotic frustration. Members of Nocturnal Feeding, Gourmet Scum, and What the Kids Want. ( 100 orange tapes pressed)

LPR-101 Basement Hop "What It Ain't"

Brief local sensation! Five years on, it is a reissue celebrating two down-on-their-luck honkeys taking baby steps back to rap's mid-80's golden age. It's time to have fun so we can all have some. Members of Purple 7 The Door-keys and Buster Eagle. (100 clear tapes pressed)

LPR-100 Rad Payoff "The Good, The Rad, and The Ugly"

“The Good, The Rad and the Ugly,” is the band at their loudest, their most technical and -easily- their most belligerent. Roughly averaging two minutes per song, RAD PAYOFF’s new LP is deep, mean-spirited hardcore. The band effortlessly mixes hostile post-hardcore, psychedelic noise and chugging Midwestern pop punk into songs destined to rattle away in your mind well after you've put the bong down. Members of Sass Dragons, Treasure Fleet, Elephant Gun, Wooden Planes. (200 red tapes pressed)

LPR-099 Vacation "Candy Waves"

Candy Waves, the second album from Vacation is a massive sounding, psychey surfy opus that tips its hat to punk’s past while driving itself at almost uncomfortable speeds towards its future. (150 tapes pressed)

LPR-096 Dead Beach "Purple Scissors"

Roll up a fatty, crack another beer, do those free drugs next to you and sway around your friends sweaty basement to DEAD BEACH. This seven song tape is full of psyched out, stoned out, grunged out, rock n roll from Bloomington, IN.(150 pressed on purple tapes)

Temporarily out of stock!

LPR-092 Nervosas S/T

This tape is the same as the 18 song double LP just with different art work. (150 tapes pressed)

LPR-087 Thee Open Sex

In 2013, after years in the midwestern freak scene pushing ear splitting cassettes, the rest of the Earth will discover Thee Open Sex. With their first proper full length, they approach the American alienation of Rocket From the Tombs as reductionists, aligning with German art rock robotics from the viewpoint of John Lydon. (150 white tapes pressed)

LPR-086 Vanna Inget "Allvar"

Swedish band with anxiety, noise and beautiful melodies. Vånna Inget is punk with pop melodies and melodic vocals. (250 white tapes w/ blue ink pressed)

LPR-085 Treasure Fleet "Cocamotion"

Surf, indie pop that is psych out and high as hell. From Chicago. (150 white tapes pressed)

LPR-084 Treasure Fleet "Future Ways"

Members of the Arrivals, Lawrence Arms, Sass Dragons, Smoking Popes, and Bust play 60's mod and psych inspired indy rock...No, seriously. And it rips! Punks playing tunes that sound straight out of early Kinks, Zombies, Pink Floyd catalogs. A record chocked full of fucked-up psychedelic fairy-tales, continuing the themes off their debut, "Cocamotion." Gotta hear it. (250 Black Tapes Pressed)

LPR-080 Peter Stubb "Lizard Dick Association"

57 tracks of dick, head banging, grind metal! (100 orange tapes pressed)

LPR-074 Vacation "Kirby Sessions"

These seven songs are recorded by Vacation in their home on Kirby St. in Cincinnati, OH. The songs are more or less demos of some of the songs that will be on the new album "Candy Waves". (250 Black tapes pressed with full color J-cards)

LPR-072 Humans "Ryan is Dead"

Humans are a three piece punk/thrash/math band from Bloomington, Indiana. They manage to pack in a whole array of sounds in their short songs that all tend to start, stop and shift instantly. "Ryan is Dead" is a compilation of the first two albums: "... Are Dead", originally released by Auris Apothecary and their second album, "Ryan" which was released by Sound Workshop.


Reverby melodic pop noise from Bloomington, Indiana (100 blue tapes pressed in hard cases and full color j-cards)

LPR-067 BRAVER "Stay Busy"

"Stay Busy" is the debut album of Minneapolis punk trio Braver. The group features players from Liarbirds, Dingus, and Bumfilter. This collection of sassy-hopey tracks make Scottie Rippin look like Michael Bordon. You know what I'm sayin... ( 1st pressing of 100 clear/blue tapes pressed in full color jcards and hard cases)

LPR-057 KICKING SPIT "psychrockbullshit"

Kicking Spit's PsychRockBullshit bleands the slacker stylings of 90's college rock with the hardcore inklings of Husker Du and the Descendents. Six tracks recorded over six months, PsychRockBullshit is Kicking Spit's first and best record to date and should prove enjoyable for fans of rock music. (100 clear tapes pressed in hard cases and full color j-card)


First album from DEAD DOG, made when they lived in Brooklyn with original drummer, Skip (Bent Outta Shape, Young Men). Has been heralded as 'a solid board masterpiece!' 'fucked good blue-chip Indian DIY' '[a] new album from punk at a time up into the bane of the fairly good'll be honest! ! ! ' Essential to any record collection. (100 clear tapes pressed in hard cases and full color jcards)


Same as the LP just sounds a lil worse. (1st pressing 100 solid blue pressed and was a benefit for Anthony Poynter, 2nd pressing 100 pressed on clear yellow)

LPR-052 Peter Stubb/ Me and These Three

Five new filthy pop punk acoustic bleeders from Stubbs. Angry, fuzzy, and super punk somes up the other side of this tape, some cool stuff from me and these three. (100 orange tapes pressed, in hard cases and full color Jcards)

LPR-050 Peter Stubb "Piranha Death Groove"

16 tracks of death grind pop punk fusion. Filled with some hilarious samples. (100 white tapes pressed with red ink and hard cases)

LPR-044 Dead Dog "Don't Touch ME"

(1st pressing 100 green tapes pressed w/ screen printed 0-cards. 2nd pressing 100 green tapes pressed w/ full color j-cards in hard cases and alternet art!)

LPR - 040 Prizzy Prizzy Please "Chroma Cannon"
(Split label with Joyful Noise Records

In an overzealous effort to make the best of unemployment, Prizzy Prizzy Please have gone plaid with Chroma Cannon. With a 30th century aesthetic, the album rockets through hyperactive hits that blend melodic noise punk (reminiscent of Parts and Labor, Lightning Bolt) with the spirit of fourth-quarter pump-up jams by Van Halen and the E Street Band. Though Chroma Cannon prominently displays Prizzy Prizzy Please’s technical prowess, the songs are thematically fixated on science fantasy and humor. The song “Pacific Garbage Patch” is a fictional first-person tale of a shopping bag surfing the waves to join the rest of his buddies in the Pacific Trash Vortex(1); and “Large Hadron Collider” is the story of ambitious Swiss(2) physicists who have an epiphanic encounter with a man from the future who warns them not to flush the Earth into a black hole. (200 tapes pressed.)